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Frequently asked questions

A. While the coronavirus pandemic may slow down your job search, it’s important to continue and to be more flexible about what your new role will look like. Now’s also a great time for:

  • Optimizing your resume and LinkedIn profile to feature your key skills so that you can effectively market the value that you can bring to employers
  • Network and build relationships
  • Work on refining your interview skills

A. You should certainly reach out directly to the hiring manager or to the recruiter who extended the offer and ask for details on the next steps. It’s important to stay positive, have patience, and continue to show your interest in the company and in the position you were offered.

While some companies may have implemented a hiring freeze, by respectfully staying in touch and showing understanding, you will be at the top of the list when the company begins hiring again. They’ll know, “This is the person that we want to hire. They showed exceptional perseverance through the situation and we definitely want them to be a part of our company.”

A. If job seekers are interested in pursuing additional education during this time, there are several free resources currently available. One of the best options is the local library. While the library doors are closed, you can still access all of their digital resources, including hundreds of LinkedIn learning classes. You just need a library card or the library number in order to access those resources. Additionally, G Suite learning offers you free tutorials on all of Google’s products, from calendar management to Google Hangouts, which many companies have begun to use. iTunes U, Microsoft 365 fundamentals, EdX, and others also offer free educational resources that may be useful depending on your field.

A. It’s really important to network right now. With resumes flooding online application systems, it’s critical that job seekers leverage relationships to stand out in the process. LinkedIn is a great resource to research and to reach out to target contacts at companies of interest to get your resume in front of decision makers.

Also be sure to think about ways you can add value to your network. If candidates have read an article that they can share within their network, if they have an area of expertise or insight that they can share, look for ways to leverage these in order to contribute to your contacts. Successful networkers can also add value by posting and sharing information on LinkedIn, facilitating introductions between individuals within their network, and by being actively engaged in their communities with volunteer work.

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