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New Driver Education

AAA knows driving! Our programs strive to create the best, safest drivers on the road. For more information about the Graduated Driver License (GDL) process, please visit here.

Please contact us with questions at or call (888) 222-7108.

How to Drive Online: Supplemental Course

Learn from the leader in driver education. How to Drive Online is AAA’s comprehensive driver education course for new drivers that is both fun and educational. Built on AAA’s decades of respected driver education expertise. This supplemental 25-hour course aims to ensure that safe driving habits are developed and maintained for life.

AAA launched the redesigned How To Drive


Teenager taking drivers test.

AAA Approved Driving School Network

A network of approved driving schools which meet AAA’s quality standards and criteria that ensure new drivers get the best training available. 

Smiling young woman in drivers seat of car while taking driving lesson from father


StartSmart is an online webinar for parents of teens who are – or soon will be learning to drive. This two-hour online course prepares parents to navigate their teen’s learning-to-drive experience. This course demonstrates how to reinforce what your teen is learning in driver education and how to maximize the practice driving that you’ll do with them. AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety research is highlighted throughout this course.