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You don't need to know life insurance. We know life insurance for you.

Put our AAA life insurance specialists to work for you.

Life insurance can seem daunting at first. But don’t worry. A Life Specialist can help you to choose a policy that works for you and your budget. And we’re here for you as your trusted partner with answers to those nagging little questions that keep you up at night. Now, why is life insurance so important to have?

There are as many kinds of life insurance and annuities as there are reasons to have them. For instance, your most important consideration might be lifetime protection without a set term. Or affordable protection for a set period of time. Or a steady stream of income that lasts your lifetime. Each consideration points to a specific kind of life insurance, and a Life Specialist can help you find the best kind for you.

Join millions who trust AAA in their times of need because they know: Whether it’s Emergency Roadside Service or Insurance, you’re protected with AAA.

Find a life insurance policy that works for you.

You and your life insurance advisor can help choose which life insurance policy offered through AAA works best for your needs and budget:


Term Life Insurance is a popular choice as it usually is the least expensive option. Term Life Insurance helps provide coverage for a specified period of time, such as while paying off a mortgage or when you have children at home. It’s also often used to help pay for housing expenses, outstanding debt, and daily living costs such as groceries and bills.

Whole Life Insurance provides coverage for a lifetime. It builds cash value over time and once locked in your premiums never increase.

Universal Life Insurance is designed for flexibility: it can last a lifetime, with options offering level or flexible premiums, cash value accumulation features, and the ability to leave an inheritance.

Annuities can provide a secure way to grow your money for retirement and provide a steady stream of income that can last for life.

Learn about life insurance and what makes sense for you.

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