We are unique as the fingerprints that mark individual identity. Great things happen when we come together and connect our unique talents, ideas, cultures and experiences.

Our Commitment


“Together we stand fully committed to the limitless opportunities to educate, engage, energize and grow our diverse and inclusive culture.”

Kenneth Mathies
Vice President, Chief Diversity Officer

At ACG, we believe that diversity means recognizing and appreciating people who come from different backgrounds, and cultures, and individuals with different mindsets and perspectives. ACG's Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion has established strategic initiatives designed to strengthen our culture of diversity and inclusiveness.  We are dedicated to building an environment that reflects our commitment to diversity, and to promoting a culture that inspires all individuals to work together to achieve success.  We also acknowledge individual needs to ensure that everyone has equal access to opportunities and resources to fully achieve positive outcomes.

ACG believes that an inclusive environment inspires a diverse body of employees to innovate, improve organizational effectiveness and sustain competitiveness.  We promote a culturally inclusive environment that energetically connects our vibrant workforce, our members and the communities we serve.

Our Strategic Pillars

Organizational commitment

Organizational Commitment

We are committed to a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion through resource groups and communication. Plus, we have developed and maintain a diversity and inclusion strategic plan providing regular updates on progress and achievements.

Workforce diversity.

Workforce Diversity

Every individual brings similarities and differences to the workplace including diversity of thought, experience and background. We strive to attract, retain, and develop a diverse and qualified workforce, adding value to our communities.        

Workplace inclusion.

Workplace Inclusion

We promote a culture of inclusiveness that recognizes unique contributions and maximizes engagement. We believe that an inclusive culture unifies all employees and makes everyone feel connected to our initiatives.

 Exhibit hall.

Supplier Diversity

We believe our supplier base should reflect the marketplace diversity of the communities we serve. We provide fair and impartial opportunities for minority and women owned business partnerships with The Auto Club Group.

Sustainable development.

Sustainable Development

We focus on sustainable development of our diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. As a goal we have positioned shared commitments, ownership and accountability throughout the organization.

Multiracial group of happy volunteers stacking their hands in unity while working at humanitarian aid center.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We advocate and support programs that promote diversity, inclusivity and cultural awareness to help eliminate long-standing barriers that adversely affect people in the marginalized majority and people of color.

Employee Resource Groups

The mission of ACG's Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) is to build a successful and sustainable foundation that represents the diverse perspectives of our employees and members. The ACG ERGs have the unique opportunity to network with senior leaders, share ideas, promote cultural awareness, support diversity recruitment, develop professionally, impact communities and drive business innovation. Our current ERG communities include the African American ERG, the Pride ERG, the Asian American Pacific Islander ERG, the Diverse Abilities ERG, the Emerging Professionals ERG, the Hispanic/Latinx ERG, the Middle Eastern/North African ERG, the Veterans ERG, and the Women in Leadership ERG.

African American ERG.

African American ERG

This group provides a supportive environment in which Black and African American employees can celebrate and showcase their diverse talents, develop professionally and contribute to growing ACG. It offers members career information, promotes organizational growth, and encourages success.

Asian American Pacific Islander ERG.

Asian American Pacific Islander ERG

The vision: Promote authentic cultural appreciation, grow representation of Asian and Pacific Islanders within ACG and promote the AAA brand within the community — all while providing role models, mentors and opportunities for professional development for its members and suppliers.

Diverse Abilities ERG.

Diverse Abilities ERG

This ERG works to build an inclusive, safe and welcoming space—one that promotes a supportive community for individuals with disabilities along with family members and caregivers. Beyond that, the group aims to educate and foster advocacy and allyship at ACG.

Emerging Professionals ERG.

Emerging Professionals ERG

The vision of this group is to create an inclusive, empowering, supportive environment where millennials and post-millennial generations can grow their careers along with ACG. The Emerging Professionals Employee Resource Group also supports the ACGs diversity, equity and inclusion strategy for the interests of career development employees.    

Hispanic/Latinx ERG.

Hispanic/Latinx ERG

The group works to build and strengthen its network of Latinx employees, promote understanding and appreciation of their diverse cultural backgrounds, and empower and enable members to develop professional skills—all while expanding contributions to ACG.

Middle Eastern/North African ERG.

Middle Eastern/North African ERG

The group promotes awareness of the richness and diversity of Middle Eastern cultures by leading and mentoring and by offering opportunities for professional development. It also works to help ACG become an advocate for our Middle Eastern communities.

Pride ERG.

Pride ERG

This LGBTQ+ group strives to provide a safe, inclusive and welcoming corporate culture that embraces and empowers. The Pride ERG works to ensure all are valued and free to be their authentic selves, without fear, while fully participating in corporate life. Three simple yet profound words—everyone is welcome—are at the heart of this group.

Veterans ERG.

Veterans ERG

The Veterans ERG honors military service members' sacrifices, dedication and commitment by fostering workplace success and inspiring inclusivity among those who have served, their families, suppliers and members of our communities.

Women in leadership ERG.

Women in Leadership ERG

This ERG welcomes those with diverse backgrounds, experience and viewpoints. Its supportive environment provides opportunities to promote women's professional and personal development—a place for women to live their value and bring it to ACG.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Auto Club Group's Corporate Social Responsibility organization is a new organization dedicated to address socioeconomic disparities and inequitable outcomes that exist in our institutions and our communities.

We stand committed to promoting racial equity and equality for individuals adversely impacted in our communities. ACG has committed an initial investment of $1 million to create and develop programs aimed at improving social and economic disparities, racial justice and education & literacy in the communities we serve.

Racial justice.

Social & Economic Disparities

Racial Justice

Racial Justice

Education & Literacy

Education & Literacy

ACG is committed to developing a new division within its organization that will be solely dedicated to promoting racial equity and equality for individuals adversely impacted in our communities. This program will aim to support initiatives that address socioeconomic disparities and advocate for equal justice for African American and people of color. ACG will incorporate these initiatives into its existing programs that implement them throughout its 14-state footprint.


Work with us. Bring whatever makes you unique — the experiences, background and culture that make you you. And as your talents help make us stronger, we’ll work to help you grow professionally and personally. The road starts here.


“We are committed to a culture that embraces diversity, access and equal opportunities for all employees.”

Megan Williams
Senior Vice President, Human Resources